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Is your vehicle scratched? Then look no further than Starlight Car Care Paint Correction Service. It is very important to have the paint on your car restored if it has minor scratches and swirl marks. We take pride in the fact that even if your vehicle paint is neglected, it will receive our undivided attention to look like new again. The majority of minor paintwork defects, scratches, and swirls on your car exterior can be corrected by our auto care specialists.


Our paint correction process consists of three phases. Our first step is to buff the entire car from top to bottom with a compound that is designed to remove minor scratches. In the second step, we will polish the paint on your car to a mirror-like finish. As a final step, we applied a high quality wax coating to seal the paintwork in order to protect it from environmental elements and UV rays. Starlight Car Care's goal is to provide our customers with the best possible car care service for your vehicle, while meeting your needs in an efficient and professional manner.


Minor scratches on your vehicle and swirl marks left by automatic car washes, door dings can be a source of frustration. We use specialized equipment to remove minor scratches, swirl marks, hazing, and other flaws on your vehicle's paint using our Paint Correction and Protection process. Within just a few hours, your vehicle will look as good as new.

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About 60-85% of scratches and defects in the paint clear coat can be removed after three stages of buffing, polishing, and waxing the vehicle. However, the overall appearance of your paint will enhance greatly as a result of our paint correction and protection service.


Depending on the severity, very deep scratches embedded in the paintwork may or may not be removed completely and therefore the vehicle will need to be taken for repair at a trusted body work shop. Different makes and models have different paint thicknesses and conditions, so some paint systems may not qualify for this service.


We offer a wide range of scratch removal services, so you can get your car looking like-new again.


Light Scratch Removal:

Include one-stage buffing, two-stage polishing and light waxing. This is the best option for cars with minor scratches.

Medium Scratch Removal:

Include three-stage buffing, polishing and machine waxing. This is the best option for cars with moderate scratches.

Deep Scratch Removal:

Include four-stage buffing, machine polishing, waxing and sealer. This is the best option for cars with very severe scratches.

**Rust damage or deep scratches that are embedded in the paint job will not be accepted.

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There are a lot of things your car exterior paint has to deal with including dirt, debris, sun, rain, heat, hail, mean people with keys, pollen, and many other things. Ceramic coating is one new incredible solution for protecting the exterior of your car, whether it's a brand new car, a custom paint job, or just protecting one of your largest investments.


Ceramic Coating for Cars is a brilliant concept and cutting-edge technology for protecting the paint on your car for years to come. We provide ceramic coatings to our customers at Starlight Car Care. A ceramic coating service from Starlight Car Care Ceramic Coating is both affordable and quality.


**Prices are subject to change based on vehicle size, condition, additional labor and services.